Greenway IPO 

Capital Continues to Pump into Healthcare Technology, What this Means for Georgia

Perhaps the largest and most notable of those IPOs that have taken place in 2012 was that of Greenway Medical Technologies, Inc., a medical software company based in Carrollton, Georgia. Greenway, which completed its IPO valued at over $65 million and is currently listed on the NYSE, has been a major up-and-comer within the HCIT community for the past 15 years. Indeed, Greenway’s practice management, billing and electronic health records software have been adopted in medical practices and hospital facilities throughout the US, with market share estimates at over 10% for EHR adoption in medical practices alone. 

The story of Greenway is a proud one for Georgia and it is similar to numerous other stories involving healthcare technology companies in Georgia over the past two decades. Georgia could, and indeed should, be considered the epicenter of America’s HCIT sector, in that the state comprises nearly $5.7 billion in HCIT revenues and well over $15 billion in total market capitalization. This equates to nearly 15% of the companies that make-up the national HCIT sector being based in Georgia…

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