Lt. Gov. Cagle Presents GreenCourt With State Innovation Award

June 17, 2014

Lt. Governor Casey Cagle presented the Excellence in Innovation Award to GreenCourt Legal Technologies, LLC (GreenCourt) at the company’s headquarters Monday. 

The award, created by Cagle, recognizes outstanding, innovative achievements by Georgia entrepreneurs.

GreenCourt develops and supports the standards-compliant, statewide electronic filing system for Georgia’s trial courts. The Carrollton-based technology company signed a contract with the Council of Superior Court Clerks of Georgia (Council) in March to build, maintain and support all users of the system, which is called PeachCourt.

“The importance of providing unobstructed access to the court system can’t be overstated,” said Cagle. “The courts provide a forum where disputes can be resolved and laws can be tested and enforced in a fair and impartial manner. Through GreenCourt’s innovative technology solutions, the people of Georgia will have faster and more efficient access to our court system.”

GreenCourt’s team members have a track record of building mission-critical software in sectors such as banking and healthcare, and CEO Bill Esslinger says the company is continuing the tradition.

“PeachCourt will change the way filers interact with the court system. It is a more efficient filing process and it enhances the level of communication and interaction between parties, attorneys and court officials,” said Esslinger. “We commend the Council for sharing our vision and selecting GreenCourt to build a customized eFiling system for the people of Georgia.”

“I am so excited for every Superior Court Clerk in Georgia to partner with a Georgia company on the eFiling project,” added Cinda Bright, Wilkinson County Superior Court Clerk and President of the Council. “Clerks across the state work hard to improve the public’s ability to access the courts. Technology plays a big role in this, but technology alone doesn’t get the job done. It takes innovation, solving old problems in new ways. PeachCourt is a solution for everyone, not only courts with high volume, but also for smaller counties like Wilkinson.”

Gwinnett County Superior Court is the first to launch PeachCourt and will begin accepting filings in general civil and domestic cases in July. Additional courts of all sizes and in all parts of the state will connect with PeachCourt throughout the next 12 months. Attorneys and self-represented litigants will be able to initiate new cases and file into existing cases, creating a significant convenience for all who access the justice system, regardless of how frequently or infrequently. The Council and GreenCourt intend for PeachCourt to connect any filer, any case and any court in Georgia.

During the ceremony, Cagle also praised GreenCourt’s partnership with the Council.

"This is a great example of the private sector working with state government to deliver a better public solution," Cagle said.

“We are honored to receive this award from Lt. Governor Cagle," Esslinger said. "GreenCourt IS Georgia, through and through. Our company draws from Georgia investment, Georgia talent and Georgia partners. Our success will not be despite, but rather because of, our Georgia foundation. Since the founding of Carroll County, world-class businesses have grown out of the soil here, retaining our brightest college graduates and establishing financial stability in our communities. Like the other industry leaders who call Georgia home, our prosperity is Georgia’s prosperity.”

About the Lieutenant Governor’s Excellence in Innovation Award

The Lieutenant Governor’s Excellence in Innovation Award recognizes the deserving individuals, companies, nonprofits and organizations that are continually pioneering products, services and ways of doing things so as to create a better tomorrow for Georgia. Recipients must show their ability to create jobs in their community as well as their product’s potential to move Georgia forward in the 21st Century. Additionally, recipients are asked about their community involvement, capital investments (if applicable), the challenges they faced when launching their product or service, and what need their innovation addresses in Georgia.

About GreenCourt Legal Technologies and PeachCourt

GreenCourt Legal Technologies, LLC, headquartered in Carrollton, Georgia, connects people with ‘technology for a better justice system’™. GreenCourt delivers ECF 4.01-compliant software and services that will change the face of filings in Georgia. GreenCourt’s electronic filing platform includes PeachFile™ – the web-based filing portal that attorneys and pro se filers will use to file documents in any participating court and PeachCourt™ – the filing management exchange that routes each filing to the appropriate court’s case management system. PeachFile makes it easy for any filer to deliver documents to the court from the convenience of his or her desk. PeachCourt makes it easy for each court by reducing technology integration costs and simplifying systems integration. GreenCourt’s core team has been building, implementing and supporting mission-critical software for more than twenty years in the banking, healthcare and legal industries. For details, see, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or call 770-834-FILE.