Dallas, TX –Erik Wahl, American graffiti artist, speed-painter, author, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur, provided the keynote performance at the 2015 Greenway Health conference in Dallas, Texas.  He is message, based on his life experiences and capture in his latest book Unthink, is captivating, encouraging, and thought-provoking message.

Wahl makes a habit of expanding the influence of his performances by auctioning the pieces that are painted and donating the funds to a charity selected by the venue.  In this case, theRapha Clinic of West Georgiawas selected by Greenway.  Bill and Debbie Esslinger were pleased to support Rapha Clinic, Greenway, and Erik Wahl with their winning bid for a painting of Albert Einstein.

Esslingers Support Rapha Clinic

Purchase of painting performed by Erik Wahl benefits the Rapha Clinic

Tuesday, September 2, 2015